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About Me

Christina Broome, Health Educator

Head Shot 2016 Christina.jpg

For years my mission has been to help and empower clients to identify physical and emotional barriers and support them to take specific actions so that they can make changes for happier and healthier lifestyles. My extensive experience with facilitating health seminars and corporate wellness classes means that I'm fully equipped to engage participants in building the healthier life they deserve.


As a seasoned Health Educator, I aim to create a collaborative experience within each seminar so that participants experience tools that may help them feel more relaxed and increase their productivity and job satisfaction.  Each health seminar touches on a topic that is crucial to employee's wellbeing including: stress reduction methods, stretching, strength, nutrition, balance and more. These topics provide tools to participants to help them throughout their day and beyond. Contact me to discuss a possible health seminar for your company today. Your team needs this!

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