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Workplace Wellness Solutions

Wellness Seminars & Group Classes

{ Onsite & Virtual }

Looking for ways to infuse positivity, productivity, and engagement in your work team? Consider a wellness seminar on topics including: Breathwork, Strength/stability Training, Meditation, and Team Building activities in order to stay mentally fit and engaged.  These seminars invite participants to collaborate on their own health journey by introducing key tools to boost their overall well being. Your team deserves this!

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Young Family

Great way to spend an hour! Gentle exercise, clear instruction with lots of useful information. All this has helped me realize and appreciate the complexity of my body. These subtle moves are intense, your class ROCKS!"

- Frances

I love Christina's supportive and fun health education Seminars. Even in a tough week, her webinars give me a chance to relax, recenter and put a smile on my face.

- Mia

Today's virtual Seminar brought me to the present moment, right here & now, grounding me.  Reminding me my stress is not necessary.  Be cool & calm.  Attract instead of chase.

- Farhad

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