Side Bending or Side Scrunching?

Side Bending for a rich stretch of the sides and waist... without the sneaky cheats that rob our torsos of this moves benefits allow us to truly stretch while stabilizing the back of the ribs (upper back) pegged to the floor. Often we will "Scrunch" and lift a shoulder or side of the back away from the floor which changes the move. In the following side bend we will practice these moves on the floor to allow for instant feedback and ensure the integrity of our side bend:

Yoga Tune Up® Side Bending Savasana

The role models I look up to tend to display these qualities: they share from experience in order to help others, they innovate (even if said ideas run counter to current cultural norms), and they actualize their goals. Over the weekend I was thrilled to attend a book signing with 2 of my role models: Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement & Jill Miller creator of The Roll Model Method and Yoga Tune Up.

I've learned many tools from these two ladies and each I employ these movement tools I move more nimbly, feel more stable and live better in my body. This has entailed a shift away from intense cardio towards much more subtle and sustainable exercises There is nothing quite as delightful as being able to contract and relax muscles at will. Moving subtly takes PATIENCE, attentiveness, and usually the eyes of someone else.

Give subtle movement a taste by clicking on the Side Bending Savasana video above and notice if your body tries to sneak in movements that take away the effectiveness of this side stretch.

The students who regularly attend my Yoga Tune Up classes reap the most benefits once they connect to their own movements and set aside the belief that faster, harder, stronger will reap the desired result: a model like body. Sustainable health (and good stewardship) is the foundation of each class. The long lasting rewards reap rich benefits including ability to live free from injury and pain.

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