Are your Shoes Walking You?

Rebuild awareness in your Beloved Feet with this video and information... Trust me, you’ll get carried away!

A world of potential for movement resides in our feet, yet how much of the feet (and how often) are we really using them?

Check In:

Remove your shoes and take a quick walk around the room. While walking, notice which part of your foot lands and where you feel pressure/feedback from the ground. Your heel? Ball of the foot? How about the toes? Great, that’s 3 spots!


Extensor Hallucis Longus is the name of the muscle that governs extension movement in your Big Toe. Let's activate it by lifting just your big toe, leaving all the little toes on the ground. And vice versa. Any signs of life? Given that we wear protective coverings (ahem, shoes) all our lives, our muscles are weak and under utilized. The protective covering that we gain with shoes comes with a consequence: We have lost a great amount of innate toe dexterity. But we CAN reclaim a remarkable amount, simply read on!

Grab your grippy/pliable/and oh so useful Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and click on the video below while we continue on with our point below… Who says multi-tasking is inefficient?

Stiletto Treatment: Ball Rolling Video


While you are rolling away, consider the following: we have around 200 bones in our body and approximately 25% of all bones & muscles in our body reside BELOW the ankle. Years of “protecting” our feet have decreased their proprioceptive abilities and likely contributed to bone density decrease, nerve damage and even (source: Katy Bowman’s “Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief”).

Foot Finale:

Go easy and light while rolling out your feet. You are stimulating nerve endings, skin cells, fascial tissues and muscle layers to increase your ability to feel with your feet. Enjoy! Be foot-loose and fancy free while you re-introducing friction and slide/glide to your lovely feet. Hopefully this blog will help your feet to reclaim their pedi-power!

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