Hi there! I’m Christina Broome, certified Integrated Yoga Tune Up® instructor, biomechanics student, Registered Yoga Teacher and lover of movement.


My love for movement truly began with group fitness classes where I enjoyed exercising in community.  Over the years, however, some unaddressed movement patterns contributed to repetitive stress injuries and I tried a number of things to help alleviate the discomfort: from Yoga to Structural Integration to Physical Therapy. The journey and exploration of different movement modalities has helped cultivate a tool kit to help me move better.


Each of my classes include stability movements (based on alignment principles) and  miofascial release from Yoga Tune Up® .


I continue to work on my own practice, attend movement workshops, continued education opportunities and translate what I learn and practice into something helpful and enjoyable for my students.




I delight in helping others enjoy movement!

What can one expect during my classes? Each session includes playful corrective exercises tailored to meet the client’s movement needs.  Self myofascial release, via grippy, pliable Roll Model Method® Therapy Balls, help individuals cultivate body maps to uncover blind spots. The exercises in my class help engage underused muscles and sooth overworked tissues. The result? Participants begin to awaken to, and enhance, their own abundant level of fitness.

What is the result of taking my classes?

My hope is to foster an environment where each student participates in their own journey towards healing via education, practice, and mindful movements.  Additionally, with each class the student practices a bevy of tools to add to their movement toolkit.


Join me! Try a class and uncover to your hidden movement habits and awaken to a more dynamic way of being!  


-Christina Broome

2 Corinthians 5:17



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